Squatter's Mall


The Squatter’s Mall in Redmond used to be a busy mall “Information Plaza”, until the economy crashed ‘29 and then it was abandoned. These days, it’s a busy mall again and serves as home and workplace for a huge number of squatters who sell or trade pretty much anything like in a bazaar in the food court and rotunda, mostly household item, drugs or other brainbenders or even themselves near the entrances. It’s neutral territory for everyone and serious fights are not tolerated. No-one draws their weapon in the Squatter’s Mall. Well, not where people can see it anyway.

While home for many squatters it also developed to be the main hub for selling and trading stuff that scavengers found in the near contaminated zone around Glow City.

August 2071

Fog opens a community center for Glow City scavengers at Screech’s old shop. Ramrod is the bouncer there.

People you can find at the Squatter’s Mall:

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Squatter's Mall

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