Name Flipside
Vector powder or pill
Time kicks in after a couple of minutes, rush for 10-body hours
Feeling Emotional rush, mild hallucinations, heavily depending on what you do and expect and what your original feelings are. The emotion you feel get the ultra-form of it. Ultra-loving, Ultra-violent, Ultra-thrilled
Effects Body +1, Willpower -1, Perception +1, Influence Group +2, High Pain Resistance 2, Astral Sight
Crash Effects None known but the usual down after a kick. But it’s nothing compared to Nova or something

A few weeks ago the first Flipside hit the streets of Seattle as the newest party drug for the high society. It wasn’t available on the streets of the Barrens until some shots were found during the war with the Picas when Maggie got tossed and Neil Munroe decided to get rid of it before the Knight Errant raid.

It’s the ultimative drug, changing its face according to the expectations the user has. Probably the first place to get it was The Daisy Chain in Puyallup, or among the students of the Seattle University, it is not sure. But after the first introduction to the streets it was spreading faster than anything.

The intense rush of emotions was quickly followed by a high alertness and social presence together with flashes and hallucinations that are rumored are insights into astral space. But while the dandelion eater of The Daisy Chain may prefer the esoteric and people-loving aspects of the drug, the common thrill ganger would praise the dampening of pain and the ability to feel the emotions of yourself and of your victims more real than ever before.

Artists started to experiment with the drug and one of the most popular New York avangardists just recently admitted on Trideo that his last amazing works were painted under the influcence of this drug.

And best of all – it’s not illegal! And cheap with just fifty bucks for the shot.
No crash. No side effects. It’s magical, not chemical. Natural. You didn’t try it? Lamer.

Known users


I got a dose by smoke. Was careful, though to not get date-drugged or shit at that party. But not careful enough, that crank went under my radar, by surprise. After a while, I got an awesome rush and started to be quite chatty ‘n nosey, guess. Going all astral and that. But didn’t mess things up, went quite well for me that night. Didn’t get raped or shit, all cool. Well, the trip itself felt awesome, very intense. Tried to chat with a fire elemental in the bonfire, but I think it wasn’t there and I had a halo or something. Hard to tell. Social drug it is, I guess. Will sell like hot cakes. Incredible it’s legal. Shit! Better stay away of course. It’s magic and that’s dangerous! Not kidding. But no side-effects as far as I can say. Not even a hangover that’s worth mentioningCameo

Here are a couple of things your dealer doesn’t tell you about Tempo. It’s highly addictive – but chances are you already noticed that. In that case, good luck with getting rid of that addiction. From what I’ve seen, people who try a cold turkey withdrawal die. Develop a high fever and then simply die.
But the really interesting thing is what Tempo does to you apart from allowing you to perceive the astral plane. Every time you take it, you’re inviting in a spirit and eventually, it will take over. People have had out of body experiences with Tempo – it’s only a matter of time until the spirit takes the chance. If you want to see what happens when a person dies who’s been a user for two months, take a look at the files I uploaded. You’ll get medical data there. I’m up to answering any questions you might have, if I can. Let me know.Mockingbird

Fuck. Does this happen to anyone with a Tempo addiction who dies?.Camelot

I honestly don’t know. I think not, but this was not random, so my guess would be it happens to at least part of them.Mockingbird

This looks way too similar to what happened at Six Flags Great Lakes. Fuck doesn’t even begin to cover it.BSeeingU


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