Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Are you not entertained?

Sam's Log

Jeez, what a night.
Who would have thought that stealing some medieval pixelmonsters from the military would end up in so much action?? Quietly in, quietly out… Right?

I don’t know what gave us away halfway through the plan (although I guess the gaping elevator shaft after closing hour would be a relatively safe bet) but since the moment our heads came up on that cargo lift platform, we were greeted with utter disrespect by the local soldierboys and girls. Pf.

Slicer decided that we would not follow their advice to lay down our guns and surrender and jumped up, guns blazing. The exit plan was more or less simple: Get to the window, get out, run for our lives. Easier said than done when you’re greeted with flashbangs from a troll’s underbarrel grenade launcher, but yeah, several explosions and a severe headache later we managed to get our asses out of the frying pan and into the fire – Once more a notch too literally for my personal taste.

Nebraska and Slicer were already in the open when I managed to follow them through the window, just in time to see a freaking Bhargest being transformed into a burning hellhound by its handler. Because yeah, the magical stun-howl thing is not yet deadly enough, so feel free to throw in a 10.000° body armor for good measure dude.

Before my house Loa with whom I shared my beloved fleshprison at that point had the chance to crack a hotdog joke, Ruckus punched the beast in the face. They both looked equally shocked afterwise, maybe the dog didn’t expect someone to punch through his aura of flames and Ruckus didn’t expect the smell of his cyberarm melting or whatever.

Good idea: Firing at the guy engulfing his loyal pet in magical flames. Bad idea: Throwing a foam bang at an adapt who then decides to throw it back at us. Slicer +1, Nebraska -5. Luckily Adjasou decided to do me a favor and ping-ponged the grenade back to at least not explode at our feet. Thanks bro.

Some bullets later the adapt went down, but the flames didn’t stop. Neither did the barking and so Zach and Nebraska called it a day and completely faded out. At least one of Zachs new digital friends decided to return a favor and helped us out with a getaway car, delivered directly at our feet. “Directly”, like in running over the unconcious dog owner. Guess he didn’t get the memo about our non-lethality-policy.

Slicer carried Nebraska and Ruckus… used Zach as a bat and knocked the finally no longer burning Barghest out with Zachs utterly ridiculous helmet. Ladies and gentlemen, we love to entertain you. All I remember after that is firing lightning bolts like crazy and taking way too many bullets until a mechanical arm finally grabbed my neck and pulled me into the van. Man, that was way too close. The rest of the gang didn’t look much better than me, so Slicer and I immediately started fixing up the team with medkits and magic.

I need a drink now.



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