Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

I’ve been thinking about how to startup Maggie‘s schooling as my Adept apprentice. While it is not appropriate for me to teach her anything that comes with fighting, she is fourteen and has a history in the Nest which has first go away, I started with some basics. The Rikki’s Rathole is a bookstore in Everett where I was thinking about getting her some nice books about the theoretical background of her being an physical adept. So I asked her if she could pay for the books, which were at least at a couple of hundred bucks. Which of cause she could not.

Neither planned I to pay for them, instead I planned to introduce her to a variant of a simple scam, which is known as the “Glim Dropper Scam”. For this you need two people.

I entered the shop, asked for books which were quite the right books for her, but then I “lost” a diamond on my ring. To be the rich lady that is able to lose a brilliant from a ring, which is a little glitz valued 16k Nuyen. I organized myself a nice Westwind sportscar and some expensive clothing to be “The rich Lady”. I left my card to the accountant with a number and I said I’d been willing to pay for the brilliant a sum of 1600 Nuyen to the lucky finder, because it has some sentimental value for me.

Maggie entered shortly after as “The poor naive Maiden”, asked for her books, which were sold to me already of cause and found the brilliant. Of cause she didn’t find it, I gave it to her in front. And the gem was of cause just cheap strass.

The thing was going well, Harry “Flamboyance” Brown had swallowed the bait and tried to scam her and just offering 400 bucks (or the books she had chosen) as a reward. But one of the people in the shop had recognized the scam and extorted my number from Maggie in exchange for keeping his mouth shut, because he was just looking for people like us.

Well. The scam worked but we both better not visit that shop in near future, because Mages who have a score to settle with you are not good for your health. Face it, some of those guys roast you alive just with just a plain look and they even don’t have to look mean doing that. Or do even worse, I’ve seen things, nah… Maybe it’s not a good idea to mess with mages, but in the end they are just folks as you and me, no? I can be nasty, too! So what…

Whatever, it turned out that Jacob was just looking for what he claimed. We met him at a public place, one of those Koffee shops you’ll find at every corner nowadays. I’m seeing forward what comes out of this. It should be good for my wallet and good for Maggies studies too. Still I have no idea in which direction her Magic is already present. She never used any Magic but on that ghost in that safehouse in Tacoma a few weeks ago.

She’s still so weak with her Magic. I still don’t want to force her into it, I just watch what comes out by her curiosity. Guess that’s a better way than the thing that was done to me. I was forced in a way that I wouldn’t have been survived the training without Magic. I don’t think that’s a good way. But if everything else fails, I will fall back to that method, even if I hated that kind of lunacy training.

I guess my Sensei had no idea back that times what to do about my Magic. Whatever, I had been more gifted than him, even in those times as halve a kid. I scammed and thieved the hell out of him back those times. But maybe ‘cause he was a warrior. Why the hell did they send me to a warrior adept anyway? I just hope Maggie’s not a warrior Adept. I will suck so much in training her.



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