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Suit Up

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Suit Up

[Start Audio]
[no time stamp]

Glitzy helped us to find a…business partner.
It’s really scary to have her in business mode. I mean, I don’t talk about that much ‘cause…well, I don’t need to share all personal things here, do I?
Let’s just say during training I’ve had a glance at this woman’s emotional landscape, got an idea of how she ticks and who she is and all that.
Though, when it comes to large scale business she’s the fucking ice queen, I shit you not!
But I digress…we had to choose between a potential buyer in China, where we could be happy if we walk away alive with some pocket money, our local Mafia who’d just gut us alive and take the goods or the Boston Family, who would’ve make a good business partner if we don’t fuck things up.
Seems like an easy choice, but Boston means personal business for Glitzy. Of the unpleasant kind.
We agreed on that anyway.
There’s too much at stake and after all, we’re with her. I’ll take care that she’ll get back alive and well. That’s kinda what I’m around for, anyway, right?

She also told us to suit up so we won’t look like the rag tag band of street scum that we are.
Shit, you have no idea how naked I feel without my suit in these…high class rags. The dirt on my clothes after a trip to the barrens offers more protection than those things and they cost 1k each for spirits’ sake!
On the plus side, we still had the Humvee’s machine gun for sale andScreech made us a good deal.
I also got to knock out two thugs in one swipe with a roundhouse kick who wanted to mug us on my fucking turf.
Guess that’s another tick on my bucket list. Yeah, that’s somewhere between eating a lobster and riding a dragon.
Which…is a weird thing to say if your chummer is a drake…

[End Audio]



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