Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Who Snuffed the Tootsie

Personal Log - R. Kowalski, PI

Simlog #33, recorded by Babsie, Tyrell Office

She is doing some recherche on the net. “Okay, Kowalski. I’m on the eve of the second day. I’ve found out, that Hyundai is not a Japanese corporation but a Korean. And the Korean are the kick-ass players of the Asian world. So it’s not a rice-cooker but something that’s really cool. Because in every Hong Kong flick I checked, the Koreans are the kick-ass locos. Those who push steel wires through their bodies to pull carts up some hills to prove they are masters of some fucked up Korean Kung Fu stuff. Or they go berserk and erase whole communities of Kung Fu schools. They had this fucking war going on and they are the only ones that were insane enough to play with nuclear bombs still when even America stopped that. And you can’t say our history is anything sane, will ya?”

She is flipping some charts of scooters on her commlink. “So it’s no fucking rice-cooker what I have but the worst and meanest little scooter than money can buy. And if they built it from laminated paper or something they will have some good reason to do it like that. Most likely they used exactly this model to tear people apart as a national accepted execution measure. Fuck yourself, Roadblock. I’m no driving no fucking American Rust Roller. I’m doing it Korean style. Ha! It’s my first bike and I earned it!”

She is turning around, she parked the bike inside the office by the door. It is clear that it is not due to it’s lightness that she managed it, but due to some insane stunt to heave it up the stairs for the night.

“So, well. What do we have?” She is jumping on the couch, pulling her clothes off and slipping under the blanket. “I am so tired now that I would drop dead. If I wouldn’t have bought us a new coffee machine that I tested just an hour ago. Or something. It’s not that cool like the one Sheela nicked from you, but… the coffee is great. But now I can’t sleep. Tried it already. Okay.” She is thinking about the day. “I reviewed the files and still have no idea who killed the girls. Tomorrow I have to check those fucking assholes that nearly raped Nebraska in their trailer. Nearly? I think they made damn sure she was raped and raped and raped for hours, these sick fuckers. I mean they nearly snuffed her. I’m not keen on doing it alone. Go there. And I won’t do it tonight. I don’t go to Raven yet, because… because there are a lot of other things I like to do before that.”

She is turning around and lying on her belly. “Okay, okay. This Annie was going back to Touristville to get some money for this new drug. Guess she was hooked or something. Maybe she was trying to get a john or she tried to get money from one of the other girls. But they said, they haven’t seen her. So what did she do? I will ask Jennie where Annie lived before that. So maybe she was walking up to one of her old friends?” She ponders. “That I have to check. And Mollie was the only one killed and her body was found. She was the only one that was neither a female. Nor she was human. She was also sick. Fairy Fay. She was elfen like me. So what have the girls in common? They all were streetwalkers. They all were more or less public meat and nobody would care if they get lost. So that’s the vector of our killer, I guess. But where did he catch them? Nobody has seen them vanish. Yeah.”

She is slipping out of the bed and getting another cup of coffee and jumps into the bed again, spilling a bit of the coffee doing it. “Shit. Okay, okay. I have to find out more about the life of these three girls. Where they lived, what they did. Who were their friends and what did they have in common? Is this the work of a detective? If I’m doing it wrong, Kowalski, I don’t care, because it’s hell of fun. And I get paid!”

Another sip of her coffee. “I have this side-job from Roadblock. This I will have to do first in the morning. This is why I decided to go to sleep early. And because I’m really roughed up. It’s not that I didn’t give anything less than all for this day, ya know? I miss you. It’s shit to sleep alone. Okay, okay. So first to do in the morning is check for the rides for Roadblock. I hope you don’t mind. Then I still pass on Raven and the weirdos and… and… I will go… I will go to… I will find out where they lived. Check their friends. Hope that doesn’t mean I am facing more and more drugs, Roger. I really can’t see them anymore. It’s sickening me. I don’t want to fall back onto the streets. It’s going so well. So well but if you don’t count these two shitty cops. They want to make me a snitch, ya know? If I don’t dodge that bullet, I’m done here. The moment they’ll use any intel I give them I’m so done. And with done I don’t mean nobody will talk with me anymore. I mean I won’t be talking to anyone after they’re done. And this Ticks. I sell a book but need more questions. To make him… to make him talk. These shitty assholes. Shitty cops. I really have to find a way to fuck them off. Still, I have no idea what I can do. I mean… what… I can do… What I…”
[static noise]
[end recording]

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