Juri "The Nose" Schatalow


Archetyp Armorer
Race Ork
Cyberware Olfactory Boosters 3, Datajack, Cybereyes 3 LL SL Microscopic Vision IL
Language Russian N, English(City) 2
Skills Armorer5, Con 2, Demolitions 2, Etiquette(Street) 2, Firearms Group 2, Hardware 2, Negotiation 3, Perception 2
Knowledge Ballistics 3, Chemistry 2, Engineering 3, Firearm Design 3, Weapons 5

Jurys big bulky face is scarred by small hot metal particles, so it looks like a moon crater scenery. But first thing you notice will not be his skin, but his nose that is made of chrome. Anyone who dares to ask him the question how that happened he answers: “It got me bitten off because I was asking too nosey questions.”

He’s at the end of his thirties and speaking English with a very harsh Russian accent in the Seattle City Speak lingo, which is barley understandable for outsiders. If you really want to get to his heart you better talk Russian with him, get a bottle of vodka and talk about the girls from Russia.

He’s working in the Garage of the Rat’s Nest together with Tài as an apprentice, an orkish Vietnamese boy that has some problems understanding him. They mostly communicate in Cityspeak to get along.

But if you have problems with your gun, need a fix or upgrade or anything else – he’s your man.


“Weapon kaput? Da. Tomorrow.”

“Vodka! Spaziva! Two hours!”

Juri "The Nose" Schatalow

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