Michael Chase

Chase is a private investigator, with an agency in Downtown Colombia.


Stats: B:5; A:5; R:4; S:4; C:4; I:5; L:3; W:3; EDG:3; ESS:~; Init:9; MaInit:8; IP:2; MGI:2

Activ Skills: Tai Chi Unarmed Combat (Subduing): 2; Pistols (Teasers): 2; Computer: 1;
Data Search (Data Havens): 2; Etiquette (Street): 2; Negotiation (Bargain): 2;
Trackng (Urban): 1; Perception (Visual): 2; Escape Artist (Cuffs): 1; Climbing: 1;
Running: 1; Gymnastics: 1; Stealth Group [Disg, Inf, Palm, Shadow}: 2

Knowledge Skills: Crook Hangouts: 3; Seattle Streetgangs: 2; Underworld Politics: 3;
Lokal Area Seattle: 2; Evidence Analysis: 3; Law: 3; Psychologie (Detect Lies): 1;
Extremsports (Crossboarding): 1; SIM Flicks (Trash Action): 1; Zen-Buddism: 3

Languages: English: Nativ; Cantonese: 1; Japanese: 2; Salish: 1; Russian: 1; French: 1; German: 1

Ethnic: American

Appearance: A young human in his mid-twenties, with striking pale skin and white hair due to albinism.

Places: His Agency.

Friends: Doug ‘Offline’ Tukker
Amelie Black


Michael has moved to Seattle about two years ago, where he opend up his own PI-agnecy.
He first came into contact with the Rat`s Nest comunity when he helped his friend, the bountyhunter Dough to what seemed to be cheap money. The assignement came from a corperation called Petrovski Security which offered 5.000 NY for capturing two young girls in their late teens. The two had run away with some corps stuff and where accused of corporation espionage. Obviously the job was about two corpgrown teens who tired of their boring lifes and wanted to play shadowrunners in the Redmont Barrens .

But it turned out that he`d misjudged the situation and the two girls Claire Bellefleur and Aodney Callahan were much more trouble then he’d thought.

Michael Chase

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