Octave lives a couple of streets behind the Rat’s Nest’s main street in containers modified to troll-size. He owns a take-out restaurant where he cooks Cajun food with everything he can get. Rat and horse may not be traditional ingredients of gumbo, but it’s what he can get and he will not tolerate any soy in his kitchen. The food is fairly cheap and really good, so Octave’s is a popular place in the evening. He’s always up for a chat and usually knows a lot about what’s going on in the Nest.

He had come to Seattle with plans of opening a real Cajun restaurant and he actually did. People liked what he cooked and the place was starting to turn into an insider’s tip. But when he refused to pay for protection when some gangers came around, trouble started. The restaurant was vandalized, guests were harassed and when he still wouldn’t pay, the place was burned down. The insurance company refused to pay because there was evidence that Octave had started the fire himself and he was lucky to get out of an arson charge. All his money had been in the restaurant and he soon found out that no-one would hire a troll into their kitchen or the few places who would didn’t have an opening for him.

He arrived at the Nest living out of his car, after he had heard that there might be a job there. There wasn’t but he stayed around, did odd jobs, got to know a lot of people. And he cooked for them. Until one day Eric and Gargle turned up with a van and a smug grin. When Octave opened the van, he found pretty much a complete kitchen and even some random supplies. Octave never did ask where it came from, but Eric and Gargle have never payed for anything at his restaurant.


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