Tachibana Ryuichi

Archtype Yakuza Underling
Race Human
Gender Male, 17 y. o.
Attributes Kon 3 Agi 4 Rea 3 Str 3 Char 2 Int 3 Log 3 Wil 3 Edg 2 Ess Ini 6 Skills *Athletics (Running 3) (Gymnastic 3)(Climbing 2), Blades(Katana) 4, Computer(Commlink) 1, Firearms (Pistols) 2, Etiquette(Yakuza) 2, Negotiation 1, Infiltration 2, Dodge(Ranged) 3, Perception 3, Pilot Ground Craft(Bike) 2, Con 2, Intimidation 2, Underworld Seattle (Yakuza) 3 Language Japanese N; English 3 Qualities Contacs Hisoka, Cyphar, Yamakawa Sae (yak doc), Futaba Ken, Toshiya Mamoru , Kawamura Shin

Ryuichi is a sarcastic 17 y.o. who looks down on everyone. He mostly wears a condescending smirk on his lips and doesn’t hesitate to point out the failings on others. He rarely interacts with others when it doesn’t concern work, so he doesn’t has any friends. In fact, he gets angry when others try to get him involved in anything he doesn’t want to. People call him a loner and they wouldn’t be wrong. His words are almost always hurtful one way or another. But only at people who are not his superior. To them? He his quiet, thoughtful and does what he’s told. While he doesn’t challenge authority, he looks at them with calculating eyes, seeming to analyze the worth of an order.

He was assigned to Cyphar and ho boy, he actually threw a tantrum. He abhores having to listen to that guy who walks around as flashy as a neonsign.


“How about I spell it out for you? Now listen closely, You. Are. An. I-D-I-O-T. Your so moronic that it’s not even a laughing matter anymore. You know what? Just get out of my way, don’t bother me in the slightest, and I might not kill you while we’re out there and then claim it was an enemy attacking us, okay?”

Tachibana Ryuichi

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