Campaign of the Month: November 2014

Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

The price is paid a plan is made

Glitzy's Log

I’m back at home. Neil hugged me, because I was still mourning for Anna Lisa. And I was sad, that again to achieve something I had to pay a price and others had maybe to pay an even bigger price.

It’s not that I can’t stand death. I have seen many spill their blood. I have seen many battles won with more loss of lives and less gained. So there is no shame in me for what I have done, for I was fighting and working for what I believe. And I got well paid, too. I’ve seen much worse.

But it doesn’t make the fact any better, when a friend dies and you were maybe able to safe her, but you didn’t. Maybe I couldn’t, but all the if and whens aside, I’m just not feeling good.

I was working hard over the last halve year, so hard that I really need a vaction. Neil was talking about India, a continent where I never have been. It’s the present that Ronny and Ygreque had given us for our engagement, and I believe it’s the best time to take it. Yes, I need it.

But I have a lot of plans for the time after that. The money I got has blood on it. Maybe less blood than is usual for that amount, but I won’t spend it for luxurity or other follies, I never actually believed in that. I will spend my money on people I know, to create something that gives them a chance to work, to sustain themselves and their families.

First thing I have to invest is my new connection with Malcolm Saunders, the Johnson from Federated Boeing. This will need some infrastructure and connections I have to build up.

The second thing is something more personal and something I believe is what the Rat’s Nest needs but still misses. You know, these old western border cities – and I understand the Redmond Barrens as a small town at the border of civilisation. What is needed is something like a Post Office and people that deliver packages, letters or anything else into this urban wilderness.

It will not be the Pony Express, it will be the ratXpress. I have ordered some computer parts from Hong Kong, which I organized from some not completely official markets and a bunch of pirated software to run it. This will be the base of the system, a nice small Nexus.

Two containers as a store-room, matrix service, post-office and a few things to sell, maybe sweets. And I will ask somebody nice, like Liana for example, if she likes to work as a clerk, for I won’t be able to just work there with the projects, I have to manage.

A few used and found dust-bikes and electro-rollers for the couriers, which they can rent, buy or even bring their own vehicles. With a base in Monroe where people can deliver stuff they like to ship in or out of the Barrens there will be an interface to the corporate post and delivery system.

There are still a lot of people without work or that are simply not made for the fields. I hope my small business will work and prosper. I don’t think I will gain too much from it, but to see that people can make a living from it will be nice enough. And to organize something that the corporate structure has ripped from us – community, pride and culture.

It’s not much I can do, but I believe if anybody gives his best, it can make a difference. Maybe just a small, but it’s something, isn’t it? I have been working as a courier girl for myself for years. Time to start something like that myself.



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