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  • Mr Wrinkles

    Mr Wrinkles is a female pug who belonged to [[:rivet | Rivet]], until she got away during the "raid on the Nest":http://ratsdoc.blogspot.de/2012/02/damage-done.html. Now she is the pet of [[:netcat | NetCat]].

  • Ruffy

    Ruffy is [[:maggie | Maggie ]]'s small dog, a cunning little animal that worships her, trying to save her, even risking his life to safe her. She seems to have a knack with this dog and taught him some nice tricks. Both make a hell of a team.

  • Snautz

    Snautz was a gigantic Great Dane that belonged to [[:rivet | Rivet]] and was shot during the "raid on the Nest":http://ratsdoc.blogspot.de/2012/02/damage-done.html He has since reappeared as [[:neil-munroe | Neil's]] [[:dog | spirit guide]].

  • NetCat

    This cunning little critter lives at the Nest, hunts down rats and has finally chosen [[:splash | Splash]] to open her cans for her. After some adventures she happend to meet [[:mr-wrinkles | Mr. Wrinkles]], a dog with cyber implants, which she hacked and …

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