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  • Crossroads

    [[:fog | Fog]]’s made good on his promise to come and get me. I didn’t believe him and I can hardly believe it now. He got the [[Scavengers | Scavvies]] together and some of the people he got to know in the last couple of months and they raised hell at …

  • Spirits

    * [[:crow-5 | Crow]], [[:fog | Fog's]] mentor spirit * [[:dog | Dog]], [[:neil-munroe | Neil's]] mentor spirit * [[:lao-jia | Lao Jia]], a free spirit * [[:meredith-3 | Meredith]], a free spirit and former member of the [[Scrappers]] * [[:tree-spirit …

  • Crow

    Crow is [[:fog | Fog]]'s mentor spirit, since Fog's vision quest in April 2071. He takes the form of an American Crow, maybe a bit larger than average and a lot more sarcastic.

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