Lisa Edelstein

Is a false identity of Glitzy

Original Lisa Edelstein – what we know so far

Was living in the BosWash Sprawl about 45 minutes north of Boston City. Yes, that’s somewhere near Salem in a cheap, typical five story apartment bunker. Her flat was about 50 square meters large on the fourth floor, apartment 407 with outside windows, with a preference for pink and fluff on her furniture. The neighbor above, Joseph Smith, had trouble with her for his music playing too loud, for what she had called the police and reported him several times. Her flat has four rooms, a bath, kitchen, bedroom, living room and a room full of clothing.

His music amplifier was broken, but he had repaired it on the day Glitzy was taking over Lisa.

Her workplace is at a Diner a halve an hour with the bus from her living place, where she worked as a waitress. She loved cooking and science but was bad on mathematics and languages. Her style of fashion was, in private, Fairy Kei during work a simple black-white waitress uniform. Her size and body attributes were near those of Glitzy, so all her stuff was fitting well enough. But you would easily recognize that Glitzy is not Lisa, if you know her better.

Her Diner was just fife minutes on foot away from the living place of Content Not Found: george-rosenbaum, Glitzys mark in While you were asleep, who fell into a coma. She had three days off when the Con started.

Glitzy found a box of papers in her bedroom where she found out that Lisa never visited a college, has still her parents and a brother and a sister who do not live in Boston. She was born on 20460617.

Her income was 1000 Nuyen per month, but it was more like 2500 with tips, so she was able to support her lower class lifestyle easily. She had nearly 3000 Nuyen on her account, which means she is a spender, who is not too much looking for her money. She had strong sense for fashion, especially the Euro-Neon style, like “Fairy Kei”, a Japanese girly style but with more color and neon and glowing cyber-tattoos if you have the money.

A local crime organisation had most likely killed her for to steal her identity, just a day or two ago.

Lisa Edelstein SIN aka Glitzy (provided by her employer “David”)

Has visited community college for Arts and Languages, but dropped out after her parents died in a car crash. She has no siblings. Her Hobbies are riding, tennis and computer games, where she is playing the female darkelf character “Arielle”, a sorcerer-assassin and which was the reason she implanted a datajack. She is playing computer games in VR for years now, joined and left four guilds, at the moment without one.

Lisa is pregnant in the sixth or so week. She didn’t consulted a doctor yet. But she made a positive test. Glitzy herself is pregnant, so it’s true.

Her story is that she planned to tell George about that and because she stopped smoking for him, she started to chew gum when she’s nervous.

Lisa is left handed. Glitzy is right handed. But she will manage it.

Social Media (modified by the Hacker of her employer)

On her social media page Lisa has some of her guildies as contacts, showing screenshots of important bosses, a big black winged drake for example, and some romantic setups of her character. You find a lot of photos of horses, one big brown one seems the one she is riding on a regular base, but she is not owning the horse.

There are photos of a holiday trip into the near woodlands west of the sprawl. Photos show her with other riders, watching over hills, camping at a fire, sleeping in tents, you name it. Social contacts to a horse site, books and blogs about riding.

Older photos show her playing tennis on a court. At a local tennis club tournament she made it to the third place, but she was not looking happy about that. There was some arguing about wrong decisions, if the ball was in or out and she had trouble with one of the referees. Which resulted in a three month ban on her court. A local sports magazine was reporting it. A ban in a tennis forum was one of the results. It seems she had spoiled a possible tennis career with that.

After that she left the club and it seems, she found a horse to ride in commission for some rich guy.

Some of her early photos she is trying to hide, if you did deeper into her social account and over her contacts, like a party, where she was drunk and misbehaving. On sites of her contacts you even find an ugly mug shot, where she was arrested for a traffic violation in her late teens.

If you dig deeper into her college years you might find a suspicious relationship to one of her teachers that might have been an affair, but it’s not easy to nail it down. But there are some ugly parts in her past around this teacher that might have led her to drop out of college. She had been a gifted student before that, she was a person that was liked by many, but also made some enemies. At Highschool she was a Cheerleader, but not the captain.

Since her drop out of college and her tennis disaster, it seems she had withdrawn a bit from society and it was getting a bit quieter about her on the net. Her real life contacts were thinning out, while her online contacts were going up.

This would be the impression you get on her social net after a day of research about her.

Lisa Edelstein

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