Desert Storm Security

Desert Storm Security is the mercenary counterpart to Hard Corps. Their men are battle veterans of various war, but are deemed too unreliable and dangerous to themselves and others to be sent out to fight. So they guard offices and factories and act like they are on some secret mission with their big guns, armored Humvee and camo clothes.
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“This is White Stallion. White Stallion reporting insurgents on sector bravo-thee. Requesting permission for phosphor bombinging raid. They are all over us! Urgent permission for airstrike on our position! Over. AAAAAAHHH!” – “Stallion, negative. We can’t bomb your position. Over.” – “But, it’s all over in a minute! Airstrike! Airstrike! Over.” – “White Stallion! You’re guarding a nursery! A fucking nursery! We can’t bomb your position. Negative. Over and Out.”


“Don’t forget their black helicopters!” – ConSpi

“They fucking called an airstrike on my position! And fucking did it!” – Shoplifters Unite

“It’s a bad idea to put those guards under normal people. It’s a worse idea to give them weapons. Some might be just traumatized, depressed or suffer from mental illnesses, but some are just outright cuckoo pants. I guess the whole idea of security is to scare people off the idea to mess around with those people. There are very few left who have a story to tell anyway.” – LastStar

Desert Storm Security

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