Rikki's Rathole

Rikki's Rathole

Rikki’s Rathole is a talismonger shop with a bar in the basement. It’s run by Elsie, a rat shaman, and Harry “Flamboyance” Brown, a former wage-mage. Despite the run-down look of the shop, they both know that they are selling and while they don’t deal in the extremely rare stuff, they can get the basics and more for you at a reasonable price.

Lately, the shop has been doing a roaring trade in worthless talisman and pseudo-magical items. With Flipside on the rise, every kid who once played with an ouija-board thinks he’s a mage now and wants to look the part. Harry and Elsie grumble a bit and probably compare notes on the most ridiculous customer of the day, but they know what’s good for business and sell the stuff.

The observant customer will notice huge brown sewer rats lounging among the books. It’s quite possible that they act as a living surveillance system and while their eyesight is not the best, they will never forget your smell.

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Rikki's Rathole

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