Rusted Stilettos

Type: Mutant Gang
Turf: Glow City
Colours: Black and Rust
Members: Mostly Orks and Trolls, some Dwarfs, a few Human
Size: Small
Activities: Protection money, BTL
Relations: Fearsome

The Rusted Stilettos are mutants and the terminally ill that are living around Glow City, the blown up nuclear reactor in the south of the Redmond Barrens. You rarely see them move out of their turf and if they do, they are not welcome anywhere. But to face members of a gang that are almost insane, terminally ill and have no hope to live longer than a few years, is an unnecessary risk.

So people usually keep out of their way, because they are too crazy a bunch of folks to deal with. Their members deal in the hardest drugs on the market and the most sinister BTL and snuff clips to have and are testing them on their own brains on a regular base. This doesn’t make their average sanity any better. Also they don’t care about any laws or things one should better not do if he wants to live on the streets of Seattle any longer.

They have literally no future. And so they act.

Better keep out of their way should you encounter them. They’re a nasty bunch.

August 2071
After the Stilettos took Rook prisoner more than half a year ago, her partner came for her, brought some friends and kicked the Stiletto’s asses. Their headquarter is a pile of rubble now, they have lost gear, cars, supplies and in a lot of cases, their lives.

Matrix Comments

“Holy shit they kill you, wear your skin as a jacket and rape your body. If you’re lucky in that order.” – TouristVillain

“They are monstrosities. They are sick folk. Keep out of their way.” – Crusher

“Never enter their turf. Their astral space is as poisonous as their air and earth. And as the creatures that started to pop up around that place since Halley. It’s a nightmare. If they get you just hope you get a clean shot and die fast.” – EcoEther

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Rusted Stilettos

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