Working Girls

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Type: Girl Gang
Turf: Redmond, Tourist Ville, Kids Corner
Colours: White Bunny Tattoo
Members: Wily, Zoé, Nebraska, Babsie, Fairy Fay
Size: 5
Activities: Prostitution, Theft
Enemies: bad asshole pimps, old hags
Business relations: johns
Dislike: weirdos, pedos, lateral assholes, cops
Real Life: Inspired by The Forty Elephants
The five girls ganged up for survival as streetwalkers on the Kids Corner underaged prostitution quarter of Tourist Ville. They are more like friends than a gang, help each other, go out, protect and care for their members. While Babsie managed to get away from the local pimps (but still working for the Crimson Crush pimp Virgil, which she didn't mention). When Fairy Fay vanished, the girls started to look for her around in begin of March '71. They were all addicts and their real pimp was their habit, not so much the boys. They know the stories, that there is forced prostitution and organized rape and pimps breaking their girls wall and addict them to drugs for that purpose, but that was not the fate of these girls. Most of them have been raped and abused in childhood. Their suffering started before they hit the streets, like it is like for the majority of streetwalkers.

Their only crime is being young, poor and addicts, if you don’t count the organized shoplift and pickpocketing sessions to get their next fix, meal or party entry fee. The gang has no formal leader, but Wily seems to have more influence than the others and gets things done, while Zoé tries to keep the younger ones from too risky operations. They are heart and mind of the gang. Their shoplifting targets mainly quality shops in Bellevue upper class neighbourhoods which results sometimes in awesome luxurity products like caviar smeared like jelly on cheap soy sticks from the next Stuffer Check. They catered the boys that rescued Wily from a mad john by feeding exclusive import Vodka and delicious delicatessen food instead of sythahol and tasteless soysticks.

Their runs in Bellevue are slowly coming to a stand still, for more and more security firms have the biometric faces of this little gang of shoplifters on their databases and get warned about them, so life is getting harder and chances are drying out. Even hiding in good clothes, that they all had pinched on their runs before, does not help them much anymore as deception. So the good times like christmas ‘70, where they got out a whole shopping cart of delicious food is history now and they might face the downscale to family style shops, which have much less to gain for the same risc. But they won’t give up so fast, they are planning their ‘Big Coup’ since months now. One big hit that may be the gossip of the underworld for a long, long time, they hope. Their personal ‘Fort Knox’ their ‘El Dorado’ the incredible stunt of daring and dashing and of undreamed richness and spoil.

Babsie, now clean, is working for Kowalski, Roger, a private dick as his sidekick and helper. And started a little sexual relationship because it just happened. She accepted a case by herself to find out what happened to some missing streetgirls, a job from Jennie, one of the ‘old hags’, means adult prostitutes and her friends. She impressed her friends very much with her stunt to get clean. Nebraska said she’s get clean tomorrow but she’d better not start withdrawal on cold turkey and first needs a fix for that day.

Babsie’s connection to the Working Girls was first mentioned in her log entry The Girls.

Working Girls

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